Ive connected with this African University. Speaking of ways, by the way, their hiring.


Atomic Change          August 2017 

*Speaking of ways, by the way, there is such thing as a tressact….a Wrinkle In Time*

This involvement remains non-profit, non-obligatory, and possibly anonymous. 

Global change through grassroots efforts. My email is below.

Free-forming Focus Groups and Membership on Google’s CISCO

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My Research Intrest

So, some of my political positions, the Universities I hold reliance on, and activities are on both FB and Twitter.

My current focus is the effects of sun exposure and lack of water and stresses and pressure on DNA of social groups (function of DNA changes epigenetically with bond formations and molecular exposure) through atomic theory using particle physics and particle dark matter emergence in science using dark energy as a basis with contemporary mathematics. 

For example, a point is only an extremity of a line, so does not exist. Within fluid dynamics of multiuniverses an atom may or may not exist. The 2017 Field Prize recipient considers this carefully. Finally, there are levels of the realities of existence of atoms, particles, DNA molecules, and articles of fossil life.
About atom bombs

Most likely, not very powerful.

However, here are emergency tips.
Water and food is contaminated in a fallout situation. Boil water at least 15 minutes to kill Cholera and Bacteria.

Add several drops of household bleach to one gallon of water and mix thoroughly. Let the water sit at least a couple to several hours.

Avoid meat under professional care.
In the event of an earthquake, when safe, leave structures and trees. Wait carefully until all aftershocks have passed.

Try to stay out of heat for the next 3 to 4 years, when the Sun will pass Proxima Centauri.

Stay hydrated and stay warm.
***hugs and kisses***

Atomic Change

This blog is planned in five sections, i) Principles ii) Hierarchy iii) Ideas iv) Current Agenda, and v) Afterthoughts.
It is a tool for a new company i named ATOMIC CHANGE. I believe that sciences support consistent progression. And that we are natually in tuned to this as people and as humans.

This scientific progression will be stressed in my blog over the next year, until i go back to school for Biostatistics and then Bioscience.
V. ONGOING EFFORT in the development of values of members
VI. SUPPORT AND RESPONSIBILITY to the world and each other
VII. OPENMINEDNESS according t ability and respect of said “ability levels”

I) Cofounders

II)  Executive Director

III) Commitees

IV) Focus Groups

V) Members

Goals of these groups include Educational Ability and provision of Support of individuals needs. No One Will Be Turned Away!

Drug use involvement of members should be limited but afforded.



My Resources Include

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Health*   Happiness.  And Baby Boys!!

People do well with teachers. Let’s put work into respect. Let’s Communicate.